Maharashtra State Council of Vocational Training (MSCVT) of Course Master MSSDS (FY2018-19) National Council on Vocational Training (NCVT) Course Master of MSSDS (FY 2018-19) with NSQF Aligned and Cost Category. Sector Skill Council (SSC) Course Master of MSSDS (FY 2018-19) with NSQF Aligned and Cost Category Notice to VTP Result shown as awaiting of some candidates in a training batch due to name mismatch on Result Sheet. राष्ट्रीय कौशल्य स्पर्धा २०१८ च्या विजेत्यांची नावे. Notice to VTP for providing details of batches (NULM) pending for assessment SDIS Portal before 16.08.2018 SMEs Empanelment Notice on website Invitation of Request for Proposal for Office Space in Mumbai for MSSDS & MSInS. List of MSCVT Course - FY2018-19 राज्य समन्वय समितीवर नियुक्तीचे पत्र Pre-bid Queries of Tender Ref. No. MSSDS/AEP/G/79/2018 (Tender No.23) MSSDS & MSInS Office Space Technical Bid Date Notice World Education Summit 2018 Delhi Award to MSSDS राज्य समन्वय समितीवर विभागनिहाय VTP चे प्रतिनिधी सदस्य नियुक्तीचे पत्र Notice regarding uploading batch details on NULM portal राज्यस्तरीय समन्वय समिती गठीत करणेकरीता अमरावती विभागातून व्ही.टी.पी. प्रतिनिधींच्या नामांकानाबाबत सूचना दि.१९/०५/२०१८ Registration for Maharashtra State Skill Competition 2018 is now extended till 8 April 2018. PMKVY 2.0 3rd Round of Empanelment राज्यस्तरीय समन्वय समिती गठीत करणेकरीता व्ही.टी.पी. प्रतिनिधींच्या नामांकानाबाबत सूचना दि.१५/०३/२०१८ PMKVY 2.0 Recommendation Letter Quotation call for additional services 1st Extension to 1st Recall to Request for Proposal RFP RFP for Selection of a Technical Consultancy Firm as a PMU for MSSDS 1st Recall Circular regarding 2018-19 TBN Approval Amendments/Corrigendum_TENDER REFERENCE NO: MSSDS/AEP/G/75/2018 RFP for Micro Level Skill Gap Study (1st Recall) Extension to Tender No.17 List Of NULM Cities Special Projects Tender Pre Bid Document of Tender No. 17 PMKVY 2.0 - 2nd Empanelment Round Skill Gap Notice Documents of RFP for Technical Consultancy Firm as a PMU Extension Notice 15 Minutes of the Pre Bid Meeting MICRO-LEVEL SKILL GAP STUDY 1st Extention for Re-Tender for Hiring of Eligible Service Providerto Provide required staff for MSSDS (Tender No.13) Skill Gap Notice Tender Document of MSInS MSInS Logo Designing Competition Tender No. 13 Extention of Tender No.10 & 11 Extension to Tender No. 10 of Recruitment Agency Actions to be taken on VTPs with show cause notice. Corrigendum & Minutes 22-10-17 Reissue EOI For Place EOI FOR EMPANLEMENT OF TRAINING PROVIDERS Notice to stop TBN & Sanction Order E-Tender of Recruitment VTP Empanelment Stop Notice 15.09.2017 Expression of interest for office space. Maharashtra State Innovation and Startup Policy-2017. Standard Operating Procedures for Fresh VTP complete process Standard Operating Procedures for MOU/ ILSDP Partners complete process Standard Operating Procedures for SSC/ NSDC /NCVT affiliated/ approved partners complete process सूचीबद्धतेकरिता इच्छुक असणाऱ्या संस्थाना मार्गदर्शक सूचना (Important Guidelines for Institutes for Empanelment)
  • Shri Devendra Fadnavis

    Shri Devendra Fadnavis

    Hon'ble Chief Minister
    Maharashtra State

  • Shri Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar

    Shri Sambhaji Patil Nilangekar

    Hon'ble Minister for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Labour, Earthquake Rehabilitation, Ex-Servicemen Welfare,
    Maharashtra State

  • Dr. Ranjit Patil

    Dr. Ranjit Patil

    Hon'ble Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship,
    Maharashtra State

Skill Development

Maharashtra State Skill Development Society

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  • 1. Why is Empanelment with MSSDS necessary?

    Centre empanelment is necessary to participate in the skill development schemes / programs conducted by of state / central.

  • 2. What is the registration process on mssds?

    Click on "Empanel a center" available on home page, Fill the details and click on submit. Further you will receive email from mssds for further process.

  • 3. From where would I get my Centre Application Number (CAN) / Login Id ?

    After registration is submitted, the CAN / Login id will be sent by mail to your registered e-mail id.

  • 4. I have CAN no, I am affiliated to SSC /NSDC /NCVT, What is the next step?

    The VTP needs to send the affiliation certificate along with list of courses and CAN id (if any) to, the further procedure of direct empanelment will be sent via email. If you can login on the platform, please upload the affiliation documents from the interface.

  • 5. I have CAN no, I am not affiliated to any certifying body, What is the next step?

    The VTP needs to get the center inspected for empanelment with MSSDS. For this the VTP needs to send CAN no. and Institute details at for further process

  • 6. I have CEN no, What is the next step?

    VTP needs to send the CEN no. to along with affiliation certificate of SSC/ NSDC /NCVT.

  • 1. How to login on ?

    Enter your CAN / CEN no in user name. Click on forgot password. Enter CAN no. / CEN no. in VTP number . Enter the captcha code. Click on Reset password. The password will be sent to your registered email id. It takes few minutes to receive the mail on your registered email address. Please dont regerate the password multiple times.

  • 2. What to do if it shows VTP does not exist?

    Send a mail on helpdesk with your CAN / CEN id , transaction details of Rs. 10000/-.

  • 1. What are the charges / fees structure for empanelment on

    Inspection Fees - Rs. 5000/- for 2 sectors per centre.

    Rs. 10000/- for 6 sectors per centre.

    Rs. 15000/- for more than 6 sectors per centre.

    Empanelment fees - Rs. 10000/- per centre.

  • 2. Where do I pay for Inspection / Empanelment?

    The email containing bank details will be mailed to respective VTP on registered email id after receiving the request for the same.

  • Do I have to pay any fees for beneficiary / Trainer

    No . No charges are to be paid to add beneficiary or trainer.

  • The assessment fees will be paid by training provider during assessment . The assessment fees will be reimbursed to the training provider along with second milestone payment. The assessment fees to be paid to Assessing body will be on the basis of no. of candidates eligible for assessment.

  • 1. What are the schemes available with mssds for training of students ?

    National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM)
    Pramod Mahajan Kaushalya V Udhyogkta Abhiyaan (PMKUVA)

  • 1. Who will undergo inspection?

    Any Training Provider who is not affiliated / approved by NSDC/ NCVT/ SSC will undergo inspection.

  • 2. What is the centre inspection process?

    After payment of Inspection fees a date of inspection will be communicated to the VTP via email. A committee will visit the centre for inspection and will inspect the sectors and modules the VTP asked permission for empanelment.

  • 3. How much time will it take to scrutinize the inspection report?

    The report will be scrutinized within one week from the date of receipt of inspection report.

  • 4. What to do if the inspection is approved?

    After approval of inspection report, the VTP has to pay empanelment fees of Rs.10000/- to get its centre empanelled.

  • 5. What to do if conditional approval is given?

    The requisite documents mentioned in mail are to be submitted for approval.

  • 6. What to do if my inspection report is for resubmission?

    VTP has to pay the inspection fees and get the centre reinspected.

  • 7. Who are exempted from Inspection?

    Any active training provider affiliated / approved with NSDC /SSC/NCVT are exempted from inspection process.

  • 8. What to do if the centre is exempted from Inspection?

    The VTP needs to send their CAN/ CEN no., their affiliation certificate along with list of affiliated courses

  • 1. What are the sector and Modules available for training?

    All sectors and courses available under MES / NSDC / SSC QPs are available for training.

  • 2. How much time will it take for addition of sectors and modules?

    The addition of courses will be done in 48 working hours after receiving the request.

  • 3. Can RPL candidates be trained under any of the schemes?

    Yes, RPL candidates can be trained under PMKUVA scheme.

  • 4. What is the cost of training ?

    Cost for categories as defined in Schedule II of common norms published by Ministry of Skill development & Entrepreneurship are as below and the rates are common for both the schemes NULM and PMKUVA.

    Sr.No. Cost Category Description Amount (Rs.)
    1 Category I As defined in Schedule II of common norms 42.35
    2 Category II As defined in Schedule II of common norms 36.30
    3 Category III As defined in Schedule II of common norms 30.25
    4 Category IV As defined in Sr. No. 40 of Schedule II of common norms 35.00

  • 1. Is it mandatory to have biometric machine for attendance purpose?

    Yes biometric machine is mandatory for attendance purpose.

  • 2. Which machines are integrated with

    Four Biometric make models are integrated with

    1. ESSL - X990

    2. Visiontek - G11

    3. Bioenable . VTP can purchase the biometric machines from other company also with assurance of integration with mssds from the same company.

    4. Mantra Softect - MFSTAB

  • 3. What is the process for biometric machine integration?

    Please refer the help material in VTP login for process of biometric integration of various device types.

  • 4. How is the biometric attendance considered for invoice generation?

    For invoice generation, MSSDS considers the highest attendance captured within 1st week of commencement of batch.

  • 5. Is it compulsory for biometric attendance of professional?

    Yes biometric machine is mandatory for attendance purpose.

  • 1. Do VTP have to sign any MOU with mssds?


  • 2. Will I get work order