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Skill Development

Maharashtra State Skill Development Society

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Skill Development has been spelt out as the need of the hour and for this purpose the target of creating 500 million skilled people by 2022 has been set.

Government of Maharashtra also has prioritized the Skill Development mission and set a vision of equipping 45 million persons with employable skills by the year 2022.

To achieve this Skill Development Mission in the state of Maharashtra, Maharashtra State Skill Development Society has been registered on 15th February 2011 under the Societies Registration Act 1860. The Society is established . and is the Single Nodal Agency for planning, coordination,execution & monitoring of Skill Development Initiative of Government of Maharashtra.The society is functioning under the Skill, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department, Government of Maharashtra.

All the Skill Development schemes of various departments of Government of Maharashtra will be integrated and implemented through the active coordination under the single umbrella of this society.


The Key functions of the society are as follows:

Prepare Maharashtra State Skill Gap Assessment Report & Skill Developemnet Action Plan.

Support State Department & District Skill Developemnet Committees in formulation and implementation of Annual Skill Developemnet Plan.

Empanel & ensure suitable accrediation & gradiation of the public & private skill training providers and conduct concurrent asessment of training providers to ensure quality of training.

Support and provides assistance to Directorate of Employment & Self-Employment in establishing a dynamic Labour Market Information System & launching of the stakeholder's web portal.

Implementation of innovative skill development programs.

Support councelling activities, awareness & guidance programs for the workforce in unorganized sector.

Arrange workshops and brainstorming session for the key stakeholders.

Enter into partnership with national & international agencies working in the field of skill development.

Organize study tours for understanding of the best set of national and intenational practices and experiments in the feild of Skill Development.

Encourage active participation of the public sector undertakins, private sectors and civil society through feasible and productive partnerships.

Appoint a "Maharshtra Skill Mission Ambassador" for the representation of the Skil Development Initiative.

Support all initiatives with the objectives of motivating the youth towards vocational stream of education from pre-SSC level onwards.

Take all appropriate initiatives and actions in line with the state skil development mission.


13%to the
gross domestic product

in the national population

Government of Maharashtra
has set a vision of equipping
45 million peoplewith
employable skills by
the year 2022